About Us

Mission:USA is a Chicago-based nonprofit nondenominational Christian missionary organization that helps troubled, disadvantaged, and at-risk people make positive changes in their lives, fueled by a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

The core of our work is communicating to inmates and gang members on the streets how much the Lord loves them and how He can help them change to live a life outside of crime

Our staff members walk step by step beside these individuals with a troubled past, providing a combination of counseling, education, housing information, job information, clothing, and most importantly, a relationship with God that gives them the strength to make dramatic changes in their lives.

Additionally, we work with at-risk persons online, produce media for ministry applications, and provide training to ministry professionals and volunteers who are looking to become more involved in least-of-these ministry.

For a more detailed history of Mission:USA, go to the "Mission:USA Story" page.