Prior Media Coverage

The following are quotes from various articles that have appeared in the secular press. For further information, including access to archived articles, please contact

"Mission: USA kids said the commitments they've made to the ministry rival that of joining a gang. One major difference is that this gang's chief is Jesus Christ. [This is accomplished by] letting the kids be disciples and recruit others, much like Jesus' first followers." Chicago Tribune (portions featured subsequently in the "Quotes of the Week" section)

"Mission: USA was started as an extension of their Christian activism. Their approach is not to simply preach the Bible, but to help gang members out of the rut that their lives have become. They deserve a measure of credit for keeping peace on the streets." WGN-TV Superstation News Broadcast, Eddie Aruza News Anchor

"Amazement seems to be Mission:USA's specialty as they awaken the victims of the street to the healing powers of God and open the eyes of a very different community to the unifying forces that transcend across all demographic lines: acceptance and belonging" StreetWise Magazine

"During the process of redemption some gang members teeter between crime and Christ, but Glen Fitzjerrell does not let go." Pioneer Press Newspapers

"It's all in a days work for Glen and Jane who find no neighborhood too dangerous to enter, no past too dark to overcome. The Fitzjerrells are deeply spiritual and radically practical...This couple will do anything to help their listeners understand." New City (Chicago)

"They are undoubtedly on a mission of heavenly proportions - to give gang-bangers and drug dealers, burn-outs and dropouts, cold blooded killers and convicted felons, a new shot at life by providing them with a foundation of trust, love and family under a renewed belief in God" StreetWise Magazine

"They know the gangs and who the leaders are. The gang leaders know them and respect who they are, and what they are doing. When a kid gets in trouble, Mission:USA is there." Wednesday Journal

[Mission:USA staff] were like superheroes—they had this incredible power—the power to save someone, to bring them to God, to turn somebody's life around and I've got to say I met kids who's lives were completely straightened out because of them. They did a really nice job. They did save kids. And, with their great power came great responsibility. A responsibility they tried really hard to live up to… After seeing all this, I began to rethink my own spiritual beliefs" Ira Glass National Public Radio, host of "This American Life" and admitted atheist (Time Magazine called Ira Americas best radio host, and his radio program is the most downloaded podcast in the world).

"The Bridge is providing a sense of community and a renewed sense of purpose. Through The Bridge telling this population that they are still important to God, it addresses the heart as well as issues on the outside.” The Forest Park Review