Mission:USA produces a wide range of music for ministry applications.


We generate original worship music for men and women in recovery, and behind bars. 

Here is Bridge worship song So Here I Am, being led live at our Bridge service:


We design music to help people new to Christianity learn important concepts - like what a sacrament is, or what sanctification means - as well as to become acquainted with important figures in church history, like John Calvin or Martin Luther. 

Here is a hiphop track designed to help listeners learn the classic Irish hymn, “Be Thou My Vision” (sonics courtesy of V. Meller [Kanye West, Lil' Wayne]):

This is an acoustic folk track (featuring Nashville singer-songwriter Eric Peters, and engineered by Grammy Award-winner Mitch Dane) designed to introduce listeners to the life and writings of St. Augustine:


We craft a range of music to help people target, confront, and grow past specific problem areas in their walk with the Lord.

Here is an acoustic rock track - God Don’t Let Me Quit - designed specifically to help people who are struggling with self-pity (a common problem for folks in addiction-recovery):

Here is a hip-hop track designed for pre-teens and teenagers in the inner-city who are facing pressure to join street gang organizations:


Music can help people who are new to their faith to learn to memorize important passages from the Bible.

Here is a dance-music presentation of John 13:14:

Here is an extreme metal version of Galatians 6:9 (mastered by Alan Douches - Suicide Silence, Cannibal Corpse):