The Bridge

The Bridge is a weekly program designed to help men and women coming out of prison find a new church home.

The Bridge functions as a mid-week worship service. Every Tuesday night, ex-offenders, former gang members, and folks recovering from addiction are treated to a time of worship, great food, and three ten-minute sermons, delivered by a rotating schedule of church pastors. 

Our pastors, who come from high-quality churches all over Chicago, preach at The Bridge with the goal of recruiting these men and women to come to their churches on Sunday morning.

This setup solves many of the problems endemic to “church shopping,” and all in one place. For anyone, trying to find a church that meets their needs, with a pastor that preaches in a style they like, with doctrine they accept, and in an accessible geographical location, can often be a challenging task. But for recently-released ex-offenders, the difficulty of this process can prove fatal to the health of their spiritual walk. Because, for former inmates, all of the normal challenges are present, along with the very real concern of finding a church that will welcome an attendee with a negative and significant past. 

Now, with a single weekly meeting, The Bridge is able to solve this problem for these most vulnerable members of the Body of Christ. We are bridging that gap, and giving these men and women a wide variety of options, creating a new community to replace their previous relationships in the gangs and on the prison decks. Through The Bridge, we’re able to bring together great pastors and well-discipled ex-inmates who are passionate about their walk for the Lord!

Where: Bethel Lutheran Church
130 N Keeler
Chicago, IL 60624
(Near Pulaski and Madison)

When: Every Tuesday at 7:30pm

Parking: Check with a staff member upon arrival at church!

For Help Call: 773-398-0402 (main office number) or 1-800-DA-BRIDGE (24-hour information hotline for ex-offenders)

How to get there: On 290- Exit Independence, go north to Washington, west on Madison, north on Pulaski, and west on West End