Mission:USA produces a wide range of video content for ministry applications. Below are a few examples of our film catalogue across multiple styles, genres, and focus areas.

Music Videos

Designed to help at-risk young people memorize and internalize a critical passage of scripture, this extreme metal presentation of Psalm 46:10 is a full-out sonic and visual assault.  (Special thanks to lighting designer and co-director Brian Keuhne and Intelligent Lighting Creations.) 

Short Films - Narrative

We craft short films for use in small group and teaching settings. These films are designed to provoke discussion, and are currently featured at film festivals, and used in seminary classrooms. 

Short Films - Comedy

Used both at our Bridge service and online, we make short films to help “defang” tough spiritual concepts. Laughter is a powerful medicine, and we think it’s a key part of every healthy Christian walk. 


Designed as a tool for both small group Bible study and personal discipleship, our teaching videos simultaneously spark discussion and provide deep spiritual analysis of difficult issues. These videos are designed to accompany our Bible study curriculum, included with our BridgeBox program.